Leading AI and
Cryptominds in Stanford

Leading CryptoMinds help grow the web3 industry by creating fundamental knowledge & education

In this chapter we present those faculty members, who makes a great contribution to crypto industry, those, who are considered to be Leading Minds.

They are on academia side. They are not judges or mentors of Unofficial Stanford Research Group: Ai , Zk, Cryptography & Web3 Association

Thomas Kailath and Guanghan Xu Professor of Electrical Engineering. Scalable consensus protocols.
Professor of Political Science. Specializing in DAO governance and voting.
David Tse
Andrew Hall
John Mitchell
Mary and Gordon Crary Family Professor of Computer Science. Programming languages for blockchains and smart contracts.
Professor of Computer Science. Consensus, core blockchain abstractions, and applications to computer security.
Cryptography Professor of Computer science. Cryptography for blockchains and cryptocurrencies.
Professor of Computer Science. Tools for verifying smart contracts
David Mazières
Dan Boneh
Clark Barrett
Joe Grundfest
Professor of Law and Business, former SEC Сommissioner. Regulation of crypto and ICOs.
A. Barton Hepburn Professor Emerita of Business. Blockchains and next generation financial services.
Laurie Hodrick